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Polyvinylalcohol Grade 49-88

High-viscosity, partially hydrolyzed, versatile polymer., Elvanol 50-42
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Polyvinyl Alcohol 49-88 (PVOH 49-88, Elvanol 50-42)

Polyvinyl Alcohol 49-88 (PVOH 49-88) is a high-viscosity, partially hydrolyzed polymer, notable for its strength and versatility. It dissolves effectively in cold water, optimal for stabilizing emulsions and diverse industrial applications. Commonly used in adhesives, coatings, and slime making.

Key Features

  • High viscosity at 49 cps for a 4% solution
  • Partially hydrolyzed (88%) for improved performance
  • Effective in cold water dissolution
  • Stabilizes vinyl acetate, polystyrene, and PVC emulsions
  • Applications in adhesives, coatings, and slime making

Product Specifications

Viscosity49 cps (4% Solution)
Hydrolysis88% Partial
SolubilityCold Water Soluble
ApplicationsAdhesives, Coatings, Slime Making
Stabilization UseVinyl Acetate, Polystyrene, PVC

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Perfect for Industrial chemical manufacturers, Adhesive and coating producers, Textile and construction materials companies, Personal care and cosmetic formulators, Educational and recreational slime makers
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