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Dammar Gum Resin Crystals

White-yellowish, varied grades, natural resin.
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Dammar Gum Resin Crystals

Natural Dammar gum resin crystals obtained from Shorea trees in Indonesia (Sumatra).
White to yellowish-white translucent, globular to pear-shaped grains, irregular fragments or stalactite masses. Grade A consists of 1/2 cm to 5 cm pieces as well as about 5% resin powder. 
Used in incense, varnish and other products. Commonly used in oil painting, both during the painting process and after the painting is finished. Dammar crystals are also dissolved in molten paraffin wax to make batik, to prevent the wax from cracking when it is drawn onto silk or rayon.
Damar crystals are dissolved into beeswax with pigment added to harden it in order to make encaustic paints.
Dammar resins were often used in the past to caulk ships, frequently together with pitch or bitumen.

Key Features

  • Versatile use in arts and crafts
  • Available in various grades
  • Natural and traditional material
  • Enhances artistic mediums
  • Historical significance in shipbuilding

Product Specifications

Melting Point 80°C
Acid Value 31.2
Insoluble Impurities 0.41%
Grades A
Source Shorea Trees, Indonesia
CAS Number 9000-16-2

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Perfect for artists, craftsmen, DIY batik enthusiasts, oil painters, incense manufacturers, and ship maintenance professionals
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