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Y-Connector, Tube Connector

Securely connect tubes for experiments and labs.
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Plastic Y Connector

The Plastic Y Connector is a versatile tool that is ideal for any lab or experiment that requires tubes to be attached. Its durable construction ensures that it provides a secure connection and can withstand constant use.

Key Features

  • Secure connection
  • Inner tube diameter of 4 mm and outer diameter of 7 mm
  • Head outer diameter of 8.5 mm for a secure connection
  • Fits rubber tubes with inner diameter of 6 mm up to 8.5 mm and soft PVC tubes with inner diameter of 7 mm up to 8 mm

Product Specifications:

Inner Tube Diameter 4 mm
Outer Diameter 7 mm
Head Outer Diameter 8.5 mm
Fits Rubber Tubes 6 mm up to 8.5 mm
Fits Soft PVC Tubes 7 mm up to 8 mm

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Note: These are similar products, and each product is different, so research is required to find the best fit for your needs.

Caution: Ensure proper usage and handling of the Plastic Y Connector during experiments or labs to prevent hazards or accidents.

Perfect for:

  • Laboratory experiments and scientific research

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: YCONN7PE
  • Brand: MiniScience