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Portable Uv Light (Requires 4 Aa Batteries)

Portable UV light for mineralogists, forensic experts, and students.
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Portable Uv Light (Requires 4 Aa Batteries)

Looking for a portable and easy-to-use UV light? Look no further than the Portable Uv Light (Requires 4 Aa Batteries)! This 4-watt ultra violet light is perfect for mineralogists and forensic experts, as well as students conducting experiments with UV light. Not only that, but this portable light also comes with a white, super bright LED torch that can be used as a general-purpose light source.

At home, you can use this Portable Uv Light to reveal hidden stains from pets, oils, and even some bacteria. Simply insert 4 AA batteries and you're ready to go! Don't miss out on this versatile and convenient tool.

Product Name Portable Uv Light (Requires 4 Aa Batteries)
Type Light
Power Source Batteries (4 AA)
Features Requires Portable Uv Light, Easy And Quick 4-Watt Ultra Violet Light, Portable 6" Uv Lamp, White Super Bright Led Torch, General-Purpose Light Source, Reveals Hidden Stains From Pets (Urine Stains), Oils And Some Bacteria

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CAUTION: Use only with 4 AA batteries. Do not look directly at UV light. Keep away from children and pets. Use protective eyewear and clothing when handling. Dispose of batteries properly.

Perfect for:

  • Mineralogists
  • Forensic experts
  • Students conducting experiments with UV light
  • People looking to reveal hidden stains from pets, oils, and bacteria at home

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: UVCLMN
  • Brand: MiniScience