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Multi-purpose chemical for various industries.
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Triethanolamine, commonly known as TEA, is a colorless liquid that is widely used in numerous industries for different purposes. It is commonly used as a surfactant, emulsifier, and pH adjuster in cosmetics, personal care products, and cleaning products. Additionally, TEA is used in the production of detergents, textiles, and inks. It is a versatile product that finds applications in various sectors.

Key Features:

  • Acts as a surfactant and emulsifier
  • Used in the production of detergents, textiles, and inks
  • Adjusts pH levels of products

Product Specifications:

Product NameTriethanolamine
Chemical FormulaC6H15NO3
Molecular Weight149.19 g/mol
AppearanceClear, colorless liquid
Melting Point21-22 C
Boiling Point335 C
Density1.124 g/cm

Similar Products:

  • Monoethanolamine
  • Diethanolamine
  • Methyl diethanolamine
  • Triethylamine
  • N-Methyldiethanolamine

Note: These are similar products, and each product is different, so research is required to find the best fit for your needs.

CAUTION: Triethanolamine may cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid direct contact and use protective equipment when handling.

Perfect for chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics industry, personal care product manufacturers, research and development labs, and industrial cleaning product manufacturers.
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