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Sodium Silicate Powder - High Alkaline

Fine, dissolvable, high alkalinity, versatile binder.
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Sodium Silicate Powder - High Alkaline

Sodium Silicate Powder CAS# 1344-09-8 , known as Water Glass, is a highly alkaline, fine white powder, forming a colorless colloidal solution when dissolved. Ideal for specialized coatings, refractory cements, and various industrial applications.

Key Features

  • High alkalinity with pH of 11.5 in 1% solution
  • Rapidly dissolvable in water
  • Utilized in non-flammable coatings and cements
  • Moisture-sensitive, requires tight storage
  • Wide applications in adhesives, agriculture, and detergents

Product Specifications

SiO2/Na2O Ratio2
% Na2O27.0%
% SiO254.00%
% H2O18.00%
Density0.73 g/cm3

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Perfect for Construction and building materials manufacturers, Specialty coating producers, Agricultural product formulators, Detergent and cleaning product developers, Industrial adhesives and binders manufacturers
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