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  • Sodium Silicate, Powder, Low alkaline
  • Sodium Silicate, Powder, Low alkaline

Sodium Silicate, Powder, Low alkaline

(Water Glass) Fine, white, low-alkaline binder powder
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Sodium Silicate Powder

fine, white powder, Sodium Silicate Powder (also known as Water Glass Powder) has a SiO2 to Na2O ratio of 3.22, similar to liquid sodium silicates. When dissolved, it forms a hazy, colorless colloidal solution. This SSG sodium silicate is used for specialized refractory compounds and acid-resistant cements. It functions as a binder for powdered materials intended for mixing with water, suitable for high-temperature and/or acid-resistant applications. It ships within 7 business days and is available for export only from the United States.

Key Features:

  • Low alkaline
  • High SiO2 content
  • Excellent binding properties
  • Wide industrial applications
  • Rapid shipping options

Product Specifications:

Wt. Ratio SiO2/Na2O3.22
Total Aluminum13 ppm
Total Arsenic0.018 ppm
Total Cadmium< 0.010 ppm
Total Lead0.407 ppm
Total Mercury< 0.010 ppm
Density g/cm30.70

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Perfect for refractory material manufacturers, construction industry professionals, chemical engineers, industrial adhesive users, and export-focused businesses.
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