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Steel Powder, Spherical Mesh 16

High-quality steel particles for various industrial applications.
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Steel Powder, Spherical Mesh 16

Steel Powder, Spherical Mesh 16 is a high-quality steel powder that is used in various applications such as additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, and welding. This powder is made from spherical steel particles that have a diameter of 16 mesh, which makes it ideal for producing parts with high density and strength. The Steel Powder, Spherical Mesh 16 is also known for its excellent flowability and low oxygen content, which ensures the quality of the final product. Whether you are a manufacturer, engineer, or designer, Steel Powder, Spherical Mesh 16 is a reliable and efficient material that can help you achieve your goals.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Steel Powder
Shape Spherical
Mesh Size 16

Target Group:

  • Manufacturing companies in the automotive industry
  • Construction companies using steel for building projects
  • Metalworking companies for welding and fabrication
  • Maintenance and repair companies for machinery and equipment
  • Research and development institutions for material science
  • Industrial laboratories for testing and analysis

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CAUTION: This product contains steel powder which may pose a hazard if ingested or inhaled. Use appropriate protective measures when handling.

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