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Phenolphthalein Solution, 1% In Alcohol

Acid-base indicator with colorless to pink to red transition.
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Phenolphthalein (C20H14O4) is an organic compound used as an acid-base indicator. It is prepared using alcohol as a solvent due to its poor solubility in water. The indicator has a visual transition interval that is colorless at pH 8.0, pink at 8.5 and red at pH 10.0.

Key Features:

  • Organic compound
  • Used as an acid-base indicator
  • Colorless at pH 8.0, pink at pH 8.5, and red at pH 10.0
  • Poorly soluble in water, typically prepared using alcohol as a solvent

Product Specifications:

CAS No.7220-79-3
FormulaC16H18ClN3S . 3H2O
ApplicationFor use in histology, bacteriology (staining), compounding of blood stains, anti-fungus treatment on fish eggs. It can also be used as a protozoacide and a fungicide.

Perfect for: laboratories, educational institutions, and research facilities.
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