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Potassium Ferrocyanide, 99.3%

High purity iron cyanide salt for industrial use.
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Potassium Ferrocyanide, 99.3%

Potassium Ferrocyanide, 99.3% is a chemical compound that is commonly used as a laboratory reagent. It is a yellow crystalline solid that is soluble in water and has a variety of applications in different industries. This product is composed of 99.3% pure Ferrocyanide, Potassium, making it a high-quality and reliable option for various scientific experiments and processes. Potassium Ferrocyanide, 99.3% is often used in the production of pigments, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. It can also be used as a food additive and is commonly found in salt substitutes.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Potassium Ferrocyanide
Purity 99.3%
Chemical Formula FeK4(CN)6
Molecular Weight 368.34 g/mol
CAS Number 13943-58-3
Appearance Yellow crystals

Target Group:

  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Industrial companies
  • Laboratories
  • Research institutions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemical distributors

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