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  • CROMOPHTAL® Orange 64 GP
  • CROMOPHTAL® Orange 64 GP


Strong mid-shade orange pigment for industrial coatings and inks.
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Hostaperm® Orange 43 GR

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Hostaperm® Orange GR by Heubach is a perinone-based orange pigment known for its very high chromaticity and excellent light and weathering fastness properties. This pigment exhibits outstanding resistance to acid, water, alkali, and solvents, making it a versatile choice for various paint and coating applications.

Key Features: Vibrant Orange Pigment

  • High chromaticity for vivid colors
  • Resistant to light, weather, and chemicals
  • Suitable for various paint and coating types

Product Specifications

CAS No.4424-06-0
EC Number224-597-4

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Perfect for Automotive Coatings Manufacturers, Industrial Coating Professionals, Printing Ink Producers, Decorative Paint Makers, and Paint and Coating Enthusiasts.
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