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Natural Beeswax Filtered Granular

Versatile beeswax pellets for enhanced viscosity and stability.
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NBWAXG3 Natural Beeswax Pellets

Natural Beeswax possesses distinct properties that make it a valuable ingredient with diverse uses. Our focus is on maintaining the purity and consistency of beeswax for various applications.

NBWAXG3 represents our highest quality beeswax product, suitable for different purposes. This product undergoes thorough filtration to eliminate impurities and is converted into small pellets for easy incorporation into manufacturing processes. It is available in two color options: classic natural yellow and light yellow.

The product is available in various packaging options, including 1-Lb bags, 1-Lb jars, 10-Lb boxes, and 40-Lb boxes, for convenient purchase.

Beeswax showcases its versatility in an array of applications. It contributes by enhancing the viscosity of anhydrous systems and structuring oils through stable gel networks. Its inherent polyesters also improve plasticity, leading to creamy textures.

Moreover, beeswax enhances the viscosity of oil-in-water emulsions through internal phase crowding. It also offers emulsification capabilities and stability in water-in-oil systems. This multifunctional nature solidifies beeswax's value across different industries.

Key Features:

  • Versatile ingredient with diverse applications
  • High-quality product with thorough filtration
  • Available in natural yellow and light yellow
  • Convenient packaging options
  • Enhances viscosity and stability in various systems

Product Specifications:

Color Options Natural Yellow, Light Yellow
Packaging Options 1-Lb bags, 1-Lb jars, 10-Lb boxes, 40-Lb boxes

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