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Water Soluble Starch, Laundry Starch Powder

Water-soluble laundry and craft starch powder.
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Water Soluble Starch

This starch is modified so that it can dissolve in water easily and at high concentration. It is used to make laundry starch and starch-based glues such as those used on the back of the stamps. Starch-based glues are highly demanded due to their safety when handled by children. They are also easily washable if they spill on the floor or on clothing. For many years, starch-based glues have been the only or predominant type of glue used at homes and offices. This trend changed after the invention of polymers such as white glue (Polyvinyl acetate). Starch-based glues can also be mixed with pigments to make watercolors.

Product Specifications:

Type Water Soluble Starch
Usage Laundry starch, starch-based glues

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Perfect for:

  • Laundry enthusiasts
  • Crafters
  • Parents looking for safe glue options for children

Key Features:

  • Modified starch that dissolves in water easily
  • Can be used to make laundry starch and starch-based glues
  • Starch-based glues are safe for children and washable
  • Can be mixed with pigments to make watercolors
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  • Brand: ChemicalStore