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Magnesium Ribbon, Deluxe, 27 Grams, High Quality Miniscience Brand

High-quality flammable magnesium ribbon for combustion experiments.
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Magnesium Ribbon Deluxe - 27 Grams

Introducing our high quality Magnesium Ribbon Deluxe, weighing 25-29 grams and formed in a roll. This flammable solid is perfect for combustion experiments and measures about 3mm wide and 0.03mm thick. Our ribbon is available in Miniscience Brand, known for its high quality, smooth surface and edges, and easy to start ignition. It is also available in India Brand, which takes more heat to ignite, has some filings and roughness in edges or surface, and is offered at a lower price. Each roll contains 500 inches (about 40 feet) of Magnesium Metal Strip, making it a great value for your experiments.

Key Features:

  • Deluxe quality magnesium ribbon
  • 27 grams of magnesium in a roll
  • 500 inches (about 40 feet) long
  • Flammable solid for combustion experiments
  • Available in high quality Miniscience brand or lower priced India brand
  • Smooth surface and edges for easy ignition with Miniscience brand

Product Specifications:

Product Name Magnesium Ribbon
Type Deluxe
Weight 27 Grams
Brand High Quality Miniscience Brand
Length 500 Inches (About 40 Feet)
Weight of Strip 25 - 29 Grams
Dimensions About 3 Mm Wide And 0.03Mm Thick
Intended Use For Combustion Experiments
Flammability Flammable Solid
Brand Options High Quality Miniscience Brand and India Brand (Lower Price)

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Caution: Flammable solid. Handle with care and keep away from heat sources. Only use for combustion experiments in a controlled environment. Use proper protective equipment and follow all safety guidelines. Available in high quality Miniscience brand and lower priced India brand with some roughness in edges or surface.

Perfect for:

  • Science teachers and students conducting combustion experiments
  • Chemistry enthusiasts and hobbyists
  • Professionals in the pyrotechnic industry
  • Individuals interested in learning about the properties of magnesium
  • Anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable source of magnesium ribbon
  • Those who prefer Miniscience Brand for its smooth surface and easy ignition

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: MGRIB
  • Brand: MiniScience