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  •  Magnesium Electrode Coil

Magnesium Electrode Coil

High-purity magnesium coil for electrolyte contact.
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Magnesium Electrode Coil

Magnesium Electrode Coil is a high purity magnesium strip formed as a coil to provide a larger surface contact with electrolyte. This product is a valuable addition to any collection of metals due to its unique properties and uses. Magnesium is a lightweight and strong metal that is commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Its ability to ignite easily also makes it a popular choice for flares and fireworks. The Magnesium Electrode Coil is made with the highest quality materials and is sure to meet your needs for any application.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Magnesium Electrode Coil
Material Magnesium
Form Coil
Purity High

Target Group:

  • Chemistry students and professionals
  • Scientists and researchers in the field of electrochemistry
  • Manufacturers of batteries and other electronic devices
  • Individuals interested in collecting rare and unique metals
  • Industrial companies involved in the production of magnesium-based products
  • Engineering firms specializing in materials science and metallurgy

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  • Model: MGCOIL
  • Brand: MiniScience