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Lead Metal Wire, 5 Feet Coil

Flexible and malleable metal wire for experimentation and collection.
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Lead Metal Wire, 5 Feet Coil

This Lead (Pb) wire is a valuable addition to your collection of metals. With a diameter of 1/8", this wire is 5 feet long and is perfect for playing and experimenting with due to its softness.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Lead Metal Wire, 5 Feet Coil
Diameter 1/8"
Length 5 Feet
Material Lead (Pb)

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CAUTION: Lead (Pb) is a toxic metal and can cause serious health hazards if ingested or inhaled. Handle with care and avoid contact with skin or eyes. Use appropriate safety equipment when handling.

Perfect for:

  • Science enthusiasts
  • Chemistry students
  • Metallurgy hobbyists
  • Artists and sculptors
  • Teachers and educators
  • DIY enthusiasts

  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: LEADWIRE
  • Brand: MiniScience