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Potassium Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate)

CAS: KAl(SO4)2·12H2O
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Potassium Alum (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate)

Potassium alum, also known as potash alum or potassium aluminum sulfate, is a versatile chemical compound with the formula KAl(SO4)2·12H2O. It is widely used in water purification, leather tanning, dyeing, fireproof textiles, and baking powder. Additionally, it serves cosmetic purposes such as being a deodorant, an aftershave treatment, and a styptic for minor bleeding from shaving. Potassium alum crystallizes in regular octahedra with flattened corners and is commonly used in crystal growth experiments. This compound is sold in fine crystal form and has a chemical formula of KAl(SO4)2·12H2O. The product is tested and verified to meet stringent quality standards, making it suitable for various industrial and manufacturing applications.

Key Features

  • Used in water purification
  • Essential for leather tanning
  • Integral in textile dyeing processes
  • Fireproofing agent for textiles
  • Component in baking powder
  • Cosmetic uses like deodorant and aftershave

Product Specifications

Chemical Formula KAl(SO4)2·12H2O
CAS Number 7784-24-9
Form Fine crystals
Grade Food Processing Grade
Mesh Size 100
EC Number 233-141-3

Perfect for water treatment facilities, leather manufacturers, textile industry professionals, cosmetic product manufacturers, chemical researchers.
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