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Copper and Silver Conductive Paints (One Pair)

Bio electrode therapy conductive inks.
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Copper and Silver Conductive Paints

Copper and Silver Conductive Paints are essential for advanced bio electrode therapy, offering a reliable and efficient way to transmit electrical signals through the body. This set includes a choice between 2 of 20-gram or 2 of 5-gram bottles of silver ink and copper ink. Designed for ease of use and optimal conductivity, these inks are perfect for professional and recreational users looking to improve signal transmission in therapeutic applications. The paints are characterized by their excellent adhesion and fast drying properties, ensuring a long-lasting and effective performance.

Key Features

  • Versatile bottle sizes: 20-gram or 5-gram options
  • High conductivity for efficient signal transmission
  • Fast-drying and strong adhesion properties
  • Perfect for medical and research applications
  • Safe and reliable for therapeutic use

Product Specifications

Contents2 by 20-gram or 2 by 5-gram Silver/Copper Ink
ApplicationBio electrode therapy
ConductivityHigh electrical
Drying TimeFast-drying

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Perfect for Medical professionals, Bioengineering researchers, and Innovative wearable tech developers
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