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Natural black dye for histology staining.
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Hematoxylin is a natural dye extracted from the heartwood of Haematoxylum campechianum tree. It is also known as Hydroxybrasilin or Natural Black 1 with CAS#517-28-2 and chemical formula C16H14O6. This fine yellow powder is widely used in histology to create nuclear stains due to its strong affinity for cell nuclei and nucleic acids. Hematoxylin is often paired with eosin to produce a contrast staining of tissues for examination under the microscope. It is known for producing crisp and clear staining with excellent color intensity.

Key Features:

  • Natural dye extracted from Haematoxylum campechianum tree
  • Used to create nuclear stains in histology
  • Strong affinity for cell nuclei and nucleic acids
  • Produces crisp and clear staining with excellent color intensity

Product Specifications:

Chemical FormulaC16H14O6
ColorFine yellow powder
ApplicationHistology staining

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Caution: Handle with care as Hematoxylin is a natural dye and may cause skin and eye irritation. Always use protective gear while handling this product.

Perfect for histology laboratories and researchers.
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