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Safety Glasses, Goggles, Professional Grade

Eye protection for lab and woodworking. Adjustable and durable.
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Professional Grade Safety Goggles

Professional Grade Safety Goggles are a must-have for anyone working with chemicals or particulates. These goggles are perfect for use in chemistry laboratories and woodworking. Made from hard plastic with color frame and temples, they are adjustable to fit any head size. Safety Goggles protect the eye area from any harmful substances that may come in contact with the eyes. These goggles are designed to prevent any particulates or chemicals from striking the eyes, keeping them safe and protected.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Safety Glasses, Goggles, Professional Grade Glasses
Product Type Safety Goggles
Intended Use Protects the eye area in order to prevent particulates or chemicals from striking the eyes. Used in chemistry laboratories and in woodworking.
Material Hard plastic with color frame and temples
Adjustability Adjustable arms

Perfect for:

  • Chemistry laboratory workers
  • Woodworking enthusiasts
  • Professionals who work with chemicals or particulates
  • Individuals who prioritize eye safety in their work
  • Those who need adjustable and durable eye protection

CAUTION: Safety Glasses and Goggles are essential in protecting the eyes from harmful chemicals and particulates. Always wear them when working in chemistry laboratories or woodworking. Ensure that the goggles you are using are professional grade and have adjustable arms. Failure to wear proper eye protection may result in serious injury or blindness.

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