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Ethyl Vanillin (Ethylvanillin)

Vanilla-flavored chemical compound.
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Ethyl Vanillin (Ethylvanillin)

Ethyl Vanillin, also known as Ethylvanillin, is a synthetic compound that is used as a flavoring agent in various food and beverage products. It is a white to pale yellow crystalline powder with a strong vanilla aroma and taste. Ethyl Vanillin is commonly used as a substitute for natural vanilla extract, as it is more cost-effective and has a longer shelf life. It is widely used in the food industry for products such as baked goods, confectionery, ice cream, and beverages. Ethyl Vanillin is also used in the fragrance industry for its sweet and vanilla-like scent.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Ethyl Vanillin (Ethylvanillin)
Chemical Name Vanillin, Ethyl, Ethylvanillin
CAS Number 121-32-4
Molecular Formula C9H10O3
Molecular Weight 166.18 g/mol
Appearance White to slightly yellow crystalline powder
Odor Sweet, creamy, vanilla-like

Perfect For:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers
  • Flavor and Fragrance Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Cosmetics Companies
  • Aromatherapy Enthusiasts
  • Baking and Cooking Enthusiasts

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