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Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) Denatured CDA-19

High purity clear ethanol used for laboratory and many other applications.
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Completely Denatured Ethanol (CDA19), 200 Proof

High purity clear ethanol used for laboratory and many other applications.

General Information

The Completely Denatured Ethanol (CDA19), 200 Proof, is a clear, colorless ethanol (>94%) used for laboratory use and many other applications such as histological, lotions and skin creams, perfumes, adhesives and binders, antifreeze, antiseptic solutions, chemicals, cleaning solutions, coatings, deodorants, detergents, detonators, disinfectants, duplicating fluids, dyes, external pharmaceuticals, fungicides, hair and scalp preparations, incense, inks, insecticides, iodine solutions, laboratory reagents, lacquer thinners, photoengraving dyes and solutions, photographic chemicals, photographic film and emulsion, plastics, polishes, preserving solutions, refrigeration, rubbing alcohol compounds, shampoo, shellac, soaps, soldering flux, solvents and thinners, stains, sterilizing solutions, witch hazel, and wood stains.

Key Features

  • High purity ethanol (>94%)
  • Completely denatured (CDA19)
  • 200 proof
  • Limited quantities available
  • Can be picked up in New Jersey by appointment to avoid shipping fee and HAZMAT fee
  • UN1170, 3, PGII
  • 6.609 lbs/gallon

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Product Specifications

Chemical Composition:Ethyl Alcohol (94.5-95.5%), Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (3.5-4.2%), Heptane (0.6-1.2%)
UN Number:UN1170
Weight:6.609 lbs/gallon
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: EOHCDA19
  • Brand: ChemicalStore