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Copper Electrode, Flat, Copper Anode, One Piece

High-purity, flat copper electrodes for diverse experiments.
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CUFLAT Copper Electrodes

High-purity copper electrodes, perfect for diverse scientific experiments and educational use. Essential for demonstrations in physics and chemistry.

Key Features

  • 99.9% pure copper
  • Flat design for easy use
  • Stamped with "Cu" for identification
  • Versatile in various experiments
  • Valuable addition to metal collections

Product Specifications

MaterialCopper (Cu)
ShapeFlat - 19mm x 125mm, (3/4 x 5 inches)
IdentificationStamped "Cu"
ApplicationsScience experiments, education

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    H.S. Code: 7409.11.5050
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CAUTION: Metal electrodes have sharp edges.

Perfect for Science Educators, Laboratory Technicians, and Experiment Enthusiasts
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  • Model: CUFLAT
  • Brand: MiniScience