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Copper Powder, Flaked, Waxed, Pigment

Artistic, metallic-shine copper powder for inks and paints.
SKU: CU7005F
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CU7005F Copper Powder

Copper Powder offers exceptional metallic shine, ideal for metallic inks and paints. Compatible with most resins and conductive for ink creation.

For more details, visit the CU7005F product data sheet.

Key Features

  • Exceptional metallic shine
  • Art-grade pigment quality
  • Compatible with various resins
  • Usable with drying oils like linseed
  • Enables creation of conductive inks

Product Specifications

Type Copper Powder
Use Metallic Inks, Paints
Compatibility Polyurethane, Polyacrylic, Polyester
Conductivity Suitable for Conductive Inks
Pigment Quality Art Grade

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Perfect for Artists, Paint Manufacturers, and DIY Craft Enthusiasts
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