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Copper Granules, 20 Mesh

High purity copper powder with almost spherical particles for use in wood inlay, art, and industrial applications.
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CU23HP, Copper Granules, Mesh 20 (Coarse Copper Powder)




Coarse copper powder, CU23HP, is a top-tier metallic material made of solid, high-purity copper metal. The particles are uniform, resembling metallic spherical crystals. This powder is perfect for wood inlay, art, and industrial applications, where its purity and consistency enhance product quality. Copper content stands at 99.84% with an apparent density of 5.29 g/cc, ensuring a high standard for various uses.

In laboratories, granular copper is used in removal of Sulfur from Environmental Samples.

Key Features

  • High-purity copper content (99.84%)
  • Uniform spherical metallic crystals
  • Ideal for wood inlay and artistic applications
  • Consistent particle size (-20/ 30 mesh), (Granules are about 0.75 mm in diameter)
  • Apparent density of 5.29 g/cc

Product Specifications

Copper Content99.84%
Apparent Density5.29 g/cc
Sieve Analysis - 20 Mesh0%
Sieve Analysis - -20/ 30 Mesh100%
Sieve Analysis - -30/ 40 Mesh0.0%
Sieve Analysis - -40 Mesh0.0%

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Note: These are similar products, and each product is different, so research is required to find the best fit for your needs.
Perfect for artists, woodworkers, industrial material scientists, metalworking professionals, and decorative inlay craftsmen
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