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Partially Hydrogenated Gum Rosin

Adhesive enhancer with improved stability and lighter color.
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Partially Hydrogenated Gum Rosin, FLORAREZ PR

Partially hydrogenated gum Rosin has a lighter color and is more stable.

Hydrogenated rosin has more resistance to oxidation and has lighter color.
Like unmodified pine rosin, hydrogenated rosin have a wide span of compatibility with almost all polymers. They are well known for their peel and tack contribution to the adhesive. Specific benefits of hydrogenated rosin include:

Lighter color.
Significantly improved stability.
Less to no skin sensitization (depends on the degree of hydrogenation).
Less UV absorption, thus making them suitable for UV curable polymer based adhesives.
Imparts only a slight decrease of cohesive strength, especially in block co-polymer systems.
Can be used in amorphous polyolefin based adhesives.
CAS Number: 65997-06-0

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Key Features

  • Improved stability
  • Lighter color
  • Less skin sensitization
  • Less UV absorption
  • Imparts only a slight decrease in cohesive strength, especially in block co-polymer systems
  • Compatible with almost all polymers
  • Contributes to peel and tack in adhesives

Product Specifications

Property Value
CAS Number 65997-06-0
Color Lighter than unmodified pine rosin
Compatibility Almost all polymers
UV Absorption Less than unmodified pine rosin
Skin sensitization Less to no skin sensitization (depending on degree of hydrogenation)

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Hydrogenated Rosin has been found to have less skin sensitization than unmodified pine rosin, but caution should still be exercised when handling it. Always wear appropriate protective equipment when working with Hydrogenated Rosin or any other chemicals.

Perfect for adhesives manufacturers and industrial users who require a high-performance adhesive enhancer with improved stability and lighter color.
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