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Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 40

High reliability metallic filter material with versatile applications.
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Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 40 Powder

Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 40 Powder, also known as Filter Bronze Powder or Filter Grade 40 Bz40P, is a highly reliable, spherical particle bronze developed to meet the demands of the metallic filter market. Its fully alloyed composition and closely controlled particle size range of -100+230 make it adaptable to a wide range of applications, including resin-bonded friction components, decorative applications, welding and brazing, diamond tooling, surface engineering, and more. This material is also used in the production of steel-backed bearings, bi-metal strips, filters, and bronze-filled PTFE for hydraulic seals. With its versatility and quality, Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 40 Powder is a top choice for professionals in various industries.

Key Features:

  • Filter Grade 40 Powder
  • Fully alloyed
  • Closely controlled particle size range of -100+230
  • Adaptable to an expanding range of applications
  • Spherical particle bronze
  • High reliability for metallic filter market

Product Specifications:

Product Name Bronze Powder, Filter Grade 40 Powder
Material Bronze
Particle Size Range -100+230
Applications Resin-Bonded Friction Components, Decorative Applications (Including Cold Casting), Welding And Brazing, Diamond Tooling, Surface Engineering, Steel-Backed Bearings (Bi-Metal Strip), Filters, Bronze-Filled Ptfe For Hydraulic Seals, Etc.
Additional Features Fully alloyed, closely controlled particle size range

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Caution: This product may pose a hazard if inhaled or ingested. Use appropriate protective equipment and handle with care.

Perfect for:

  • Manufacturers in the high reliability metallic filter market
  • Manufacturers of resin-bonded friction components
  • Manufacturers of decorative applications (including cold casting)
  • Manufacturers of welding and brazing materials
  • Manufacturers of diamond tooling
  • Manufacturers of steel-backed bearings (bi-metal strip)
  • Manufacturers of filters
  • Manufacturers of bronze-filled PTFE for hydraulic seals

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