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Barium Silicate, Lead Doped

High-density radiation shielding material.
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Lead Doped Barium Silicate

Lead Doped Barium Silicate is a type of silicate that contains barium and lead as dopants. It is commonly used in the production of ceramic capacitors and other electronic components due to its high dielectric constant and low loss tangent, which enhance the performance of these components. The material also exhibits good thermal stability and chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in harsh environments where stability and resistance to chemical degradation are crucial.

Beyond its applications in the electronics industry, Lead Doped Barium Silicate shows promise in the field of photovoltaics as a potential material for solar cells. Its unique properties may contribute to improving the efficiency and performance of solar energy conversion devices.

Product Specifications:

Product NameBarium Silicate
Product TypeLead Doped Silicate
Doping MaterialDoped Barium Silicate
Doping TypeLead Doped Barium Silicate
Doping ConcentrationLead Doped

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WARNING: Poisonous

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