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Aluminum Sulfate

[Al2 (So4)3] - (Also Known As Alum, Pear
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[Al2 (So4)3] - (Also Known As Alum, Pearl Alum, Cake Alum)&Nbsp;Technical Grade.&Nbsp;Meets American Water Works Association Standard B-403-98 For Use In Treatment Of Municipal And Industrial Water Supplies.&Nbsp;Used As Mordant For Dyeing, Ph Control In Paper Industry, Water Proofing Agent For Concrete, Clarifying Agent For Fats And Oils, Lubrication Compositions.Old Product Codes: Also4, S001Cas # [10043-01-3] &Amp; [17927-65-0] Wholesale Quantities: Wholesale Pallet Quantities Are Available For Businesses With A Commercial Address, Forklift And Loading Dock. Each Pallet Is 2000 Lbs. Made In Turkey. Price In July 2022 Is $990 Per Pallet Fob Shipping Warehouse (New Jersey, Georgia, Texas.) &Nbsp; &Nbsp;
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