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Aluminum Electrodes

Scientific aluminum electrodes for experiments.
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Aluminum Metal Electrodes

Looking for high purity aluminum electrodes for scientific experiments? Look no further than our aluminum metal electrodes! These electrodes measure 5" x 3/4" x 3/64" (12cm x 2cm x 1.2mm), and are perfect for use in demonstrations, chemical experiments, and physics experiments related to density and heat conductivity. Please note that metal electrodes have sharp edges, so caution should be exercised when handling them.

Product Specifications

Material High purity aluminum
Dimensions 5" x 3/4" x 3/64" (12cm x 2cm x 1.2mm)
Identification Code Stamped with "AL"
Caution Metal electrodes have sharp edges.

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Note: These are similar products, and each product is different, so research is required to find the best fit for your needs.
These electrodes are made of different metals and can be used for various scientific experiments. Copper electrodes are known for their high conductivity and are commonly used in electrochemistry experiments. Zinc electrodes are used in galvanic cells and can also be used for electroplating. Magnesium electrodes are used in studies related to corrosion and electrochemistry. Titanium electrodes are known for their durability and are commonly used in electrochemical studies related to water purification. Nickel electrodes are used in electroplating and electrochemical studies related to batteries.

CAUTION: Metal electrodes have sharp edges.

Perfect for:

  • Science teachers and students
  • Chemists and researchers
  • Physics enthusiasts
  • Science fair participants
  • Science museums and exhibits
  • Science hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts

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