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Electrode Pair, Carbon, Spare

Graphite electrodes for Hoffman electrolysis apparatus, 100x5mm.
SKU: 3155C
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Graphite Electrode Pair for Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus

Introducing the Graphite Electrode Pair, a spare pair of carbon electrodes designed for use with the Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus. These electrodes measure 100 x 5mm and are inserted in a rubber stopper with insulated lead wire. Made of high-quality graphite, they provide a reliable and long-lasting option for conducting electrolysis experiments. Whether you're a student or a professional, these spare carbon electrodes are an essential addition to your lab equipment.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Spare Pair Of Carbon Electrodes (Graphite Electrodes)
Material Carbon
Size (L x D) 100 x 5mm
Compatibility Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus
Features Inserted in a rubber stopper with insulated lead wire

Perfect for:

  • Chemistry students
  • Science teachers
  • Electrolysis enthusiasts
  • Lab technicians
  • Research scientists
  • Academic institutions

CAUTION: Please handle the carbon electrodes with care to avoid breakage or damage. Always use insulated lead wires to prevent electric shock. Do not touch the electrodes while they are in use as they may become extremely hot.

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  • Model: 3155C
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